[Material Distribution MV] Ruins that match RTP


So, we have lots of things to convey ruins in the maker, but nothing were the walls are irregular or anything. At least not that match the RTP. I spent the week making this one to match the gray brick walls in the dungeon. a lot of space because I do plan to add as I go or if anyone else has an edit to share.

NOTE: This sheet is NOT made to be used in the tile editor. So disclaimer now, if you use it and try to make a map by using the in game editor, its not going to work. I honestly don't tile map, only parallax; I've included a little map piece showing it in action. If you want this sheet to use then be forewarned its really only for parallaxing mappers. if you want to reconfigure it to work for tile mapping go for it, but share here for others to enjoy.
Just because i show it in use in MV doesn't mean it isn't janky for normal use... i just wanted to show you how it looked ^.^
Its ALL MV default, so the normal razzmatazz plus credits where its due. Please include my moniker, as this was a lot of work and its only fair ya know. You HAVE to own a legal copy of MV to use. No if and or butts.

Free for non-commercial work, but if you are going to use this commercially then send me a key or link to the game your using it in cause i love to see how my work is used.

Please DO NOT use my work in anything X-rated. I just do not want my name associated with those types of games so please i am asking civilly, don't do it please.

Edits are ok, but please post them back on this thread so i can add them into the sheet.